"I paint flowers so they will not die"
+ I Paint Flowers So They Will Not Die, Cafe Opera Feb 2015 I have always liked Frida Kahlo┬┤s paintings. With this exhibition, I Paint Flowers So They Will Not Die, it was time for me to show my inspiration. Frida Kahlo said she painted herself because she was always present when she was painting; she was also alone quite a lot. However, I am almost never alone. Because I am never alone, I photograph those I have around me. This feels natural to me. I also want the models to feel and act natural in their portraits. By using objects I have around the apartment, I compose weird and, at times, a little cheerful images that illustrate the personality of the people I love. Each friend gets a personal painted background that I paint just before they are photographs. I want the painting to compliment the personal impression I have of the subject.