Uenig I Speilet
+ I often use nudity in my art work. For me it is not about sexuality, although it is present, but about the beauty and honesty a naked body can represent. When I photograph a person naked I take time to help the model feel calm and secure. I hope to capture a neutral look in the model’s face. I want the photograph to present their true self to an audience. I choose to do this without clothes and make-up. In my BA-project ' Uenig i speilet ' i use my self in front of the camera. In the beginning I was just a naked man taking self portraits. After doing this over and over again in different situations, places and spaces, I finally understood why. I was photographing myself naked so that I could accept my body as it is. The Locations i used from the beginning the end of this project was Bergen in Norway, Barcelona in Spain, Øystese in Norway and Oslo in Norway.